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Content Creator

Do what you do best, producing excellent content – pairing it with social media pages and communities.

Work with a dynamic and talented team of content creators, editors and social media experts to produce quality content that is relevant to large audiences.


  • A genuine love and talent for all things shareable;
  • Organized and comfortable working under deadlines. You are a highly efficient team player who has a sense of urgency and tends towards productivity – you get more done than anyone else you know and your work is spotless;
  • Obsessive attention to detail and grammar;
  • Takes initiative and thrives under autonomy;
  • Uncanny ability to adapt to a new voice. We have a broad audience and we know it well – we’ll need you to embrace our voice and keep it appealing;
  • Prowess with HTML and content management systems.

Experience on a digital content editorial team, with a portfolio of online print and social media work is a plus.